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Loved From Afar

This sprawling Shingle style home encircled by porches and topped with a looming gambrel roof line was built for a young family living in San Francisco and moving back East. They hired me to do the landscape design and to manage the project which would be completed before they arrived in Massachusetts. Through a series of lengthy video conference calls and numerous photos we created a stunning back patio that blended effortlessly into the long tapered lot that the home sits on. Our main initiative was to create separate spaces along the narrow corridor that runs parallel to the back of the home. Once completed, these spots became small welcoming rooms throughout the yard.

Each distinct space has its own function: for entertaining, a cozy firepit with a large bar and outdoor kitchen; for relaxation, a bay of chaise lounges and an inviting hot tub; for recreation, an expansive play space next to a raised garden bed. These areas are connected with stepping stone pathways which provide a physical and visual connection between the spaces. We used lush evergreen screening around the perimeter of the yard to offer a sense of privacy in this densely populated neighborhood. To keep the garden bright and fun I chose bold flowering plants: peonies, hydrangea, azalea, dogwood, astilbe and hosta all of which add dramatic pops of color throughout the year.

The perfect garden appeals to all senses. In every project I incorporate materials that delight not only the eye but depend on touch, smell and sometimes even taste. That’s why the physical distance between these clients and their new garden posed a challenge. However, through careful communication, smart technology and a great camera we created a beautiful landscape to welcome this family home to New England.

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